Old shoes needing repair.


Ever heard of the story about the shoemakers family? It’s an old fable where the shoemaker is always too busy making shoes for his customers and never gets to repair his families shoes. So, his kids always have worn-out shoes that make it look like nobody cares about them. Well, I'm the shoemaker in this story, and the shoes are my website. Yes, this is my round-about way of apologizing for the lack of an active website for my business.

Yes, life has been busy lately with lots of great projects from lots of cool clients. For the opening stages of Graphic Earth Interactive as a Web Development Agency, we're off to a great start. With a few big projects wrapping up, I've had time to get my site up and running, tided up a bit, and looking somewhat professional. If things aren’t ridiculously busy, there should be more updates and entries coming.

Feedback and questions are always welcome, so please either use the contact form or leave a comment. I’m currently trying out commenting with Disqus, so you can even comment on the commenting system!

Chat soon!